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Traditional Art Work, 1988—Present
The purpose of this Traditional Visual Arts Portfolio Presentation is to show specifics of my educational studies and personal practices using Traditional Visual Arts techniques, to illustrate: Principle of Design, Elements of Design, and Art Styles. Now, you will observe a fraction of my work I have completed over the years. This presentation is split up into sections based on subject matter.The following page consists of picturesque links in which link to the picturesque subject matter’s page.

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Title Page, Objectives & Outline (140kb); Self-Portraits (1mb);
Children (3.1mb); Adults (4.1mb); Animals (3.3mb); Scenery & Nature (9.7mb); Still-Life (3.2mb); Statements (2.6mb); Surreal (6.8mb); Abstract (1.7mb);
3D & Conclusions

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