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“Seashore" Series and “Self-Portrait” Paintings

Featured Work:
As I experienced employment as a professional Digital Graphic Designer plus working full-time and overtime I struggled to find time to paint, especially the themes and approach I wish to paint — candid people and montages. I felt my life was not fulfilled, absent of a paintbrush in one hand and a pallet with paint in the other.

Therefore, I recognized some soul-searching was needed. Therefore, I reminisce through my photo collection and art collection. I found I enjoyed taking pictures of the sea and the sky. After, I found a painting from my early studies (at MCC) — the key to my harmonization.

The work of art is on wood and made-up of acrylic paints, sand, string, and wood shims*. Furthermore, the image is rendered with strokes of a pallet knife, brush, and my fingertips. It illustrates the sea and a sand fence by the seashore.

What is key to this visual, it originates from visualization. Visuals I have captured repeatedly, whereas picture resources were no more needed; therefore, the art was somewhat complete before I began. Furthermore, this is how my featured artworks evolved [2-series, 12 by 8 in., see medium above (19-total*)].

These works of art (or fulfillment) encompass a painting titled, “Self-Portrait (centerpiece painting)”; the centerpiece marks a threshold between my two Seashore painting series. During my first series, I came to a realization; I recognized these paintings had tremendous meaning to life experiences. Therefore, I felt I must visually illustrate my findings.

My paintings are not only exhibiting the sea and seashore but in a metaphoric view the paintings are expressing, “ The Sea is composed of the same essentials in which we encompass in our existence". The painting, “Self-Portrait” also explains my recognition. It is seen transcribe in the book — lower right corner of the painting.

Feature Art
Digital collage of only a few paintings from my 2-Seashore series and painting “Self-Portrait.” The centerpiece painting 36-1/2 by 46 inches is rendered using acrylic paints, pallet knife, fingertips, and a fine brush for the details.
A collaboration of life experiences, insights, and feelings of serenity is where I find my inspirations to create.


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Christine Andrews-Angelo

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