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Spring Flowers Flipbook Greeting Card(s) ~ for Mother or Mother's Day
copyright © by Christine Andrews-Angelo
Mother Greeting Card

A child’s way of saying ~
I Love You or Happy Mother’s Day

Do you remember the days when you captured handfuls of dandelions to bring home to mom? I had forgotten about those moments up until recently. These days, I am showered with such gifts. Therefore, I was inspired to write and illustrate about this joyful and loving experience.

When doing so, I thought how wonderful this story would be seen as a flipbook Greeting Card for Mothers. A child’s way of saying, “I Love You” or “Happy Mother’s Day”. Therefore, I present to you a handmade Greeting Card for Mother’s Day.

Inside ~ Card Message:

April days bring spring showers.

Spring showers make for May days spring flowers.

On the noon hour in spring ~
we go to the hill where spring flowers grow.

At lunch hour ~
we bring mayflowers to our Mothers.

So ~
spring flowers fill our lunch hour table.

Happy Mother's Day or I love You.

Cost ~ $8.00 USA
plus shipping

Package of 1-card (4.25in. X 6.50in.). Card or Book Cover with 8-pages. Child’s Message Page is on the left side (backside of page-7 with graphic heart). Child’s Signature Page(s) is on page-8 along with graphic [right side (2-card choices: I Love You or Happy Mother’s Day)]. Digital pages bind together with glue and yarn plus a stem or critter button is tied to the end and made by hand. Pages are on heavyweight card stock paper. Card is enclosed in plastic wrap.

Contact Christine by way of email: christineaa@frontiernet.net

To Order: Choose your favorite message (I Love You or Happy Mother’s Day) and then let me know at end of purchase —
contact me by way of email. Payment Methods: Money Order or PayPal (please visit — http://christinecc.etsy.com)

ORDER FORM/SAMPLE (please copy, paste into email, revise, and email to me):
Card Name(s):
Mother’s Day card — Message Selection: Happy Mother’s Day or I love You (delete one)
Shipping Address
(email and postal): Lisa Craft, 123 Letter St, Rochester, NY 14678; lcraft123 [at] frontiernet.net

Card Sample
Card Papes
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